Occupancy of Condominiums

1. No owner, lessee or other occupant of a condominium unit shall use the unit for anything other than a single-family residence except with the permission of the Board. No business or trade shall be permitted or conducted in any unit.
2. There is a maximum of four people allowed in a one-bedroom unit, six in a two-bedroom unit and eight people in a three-bedroom unit. This includes both adults and children. Adults are humans over the age of eighteen (18) and a child is considered anyone from one (1) day old to eighteen (18) years of age. If we determine that there are more people occupying a unit than allowed in our rules, you will be evicted immediately.
3. Bracelets will be issued for the number of occupants of each unit. If you lose your bracelet, you will incur a charge of $5.00 for a replacement bracelet. When securing a replacement bracelet from the front office you will be required to show proof of identification. The name on the identification should match the name that was registered when the responsible party checked in.
4. Nobody who is eighteen (18) years of age and under shall occupy a unit unless a parent or other adult relative is in residence in the unit at the same time.
5. There must be at least one (1) occupant over the age of twenty-five (25) always staying in the unit.
6. No resident or guest shall make or permit any disturbing noises in the unit by himself/herself, with family or with visitors nor permit any disturbances that will interfere with the rights, comfort, or conveniences of other unit residents. The playing of any musical instrument or radio, television, stereo, etc. in the premises between the hours of 10pm and 9am shall be muted and reduced in volume to avoid disturbing or annoying other occupants of the building.
7. It is suggested that courtesy prevail. For example, loud conversations bidding good night to departing guests while on balconies and in hallways should be avoided during evening hours. Be considerate.
8. Please do not hang towels or clothing over the outside balconies. Use the clothing drying racks provided in the unit. 

Maid Service

The Palm Bay Club does not provide maid service during your stay, however if the guest would like to purchase maid service during the visit here are the prices for those services. 
Light Clean Only- 1Bedroom $40.00 2Bedroom $50.00 3Bedroom $70.00
        Change of sheets
        Change of towels
         Empty trash
Full Maid Service- 1Bedroom $65.00 2Bedroom $75.00 3Bedroom $85.00
        Change of sheets
        Change of towels
        Empty trash
        Sweep/mop floors


1. All units are non-smoking units, including the balconies and patios.
2. Find the designated smoking areas throughout the property.  


1. Unit owners, renters, guests, and visitors are not permitted to have pets in their unit or bring pets onto the premises at any time.
2. Anyone requiring the assistance of a SERVICE ANIMAL must make a request in writing to The Palm Bay Club Board of Directors. This request must be submitted and approved by the Board PRIOR to the arrival date. The request must include a statement from a treating physician. Each request will be discussed and approved or disapproved on an individual basis.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center will be open from 7am to 11pm daily for owners and rental guest use.

1. Use equipment at your own risk.
2. Management assumes no responsibility for any injury that may occur.
3. Please follow equipment directions carefully.
4. Please only use equipment if you are in proper health condition to do so. 
5. Shirts and shoes must be always worn. No sandals or flip flops are permitted in the fitness center. 
6. No food, alcohol, glass containers, smoking, or horseplay is permitted in this facility.
7. No pets allowed.
8. Children under the age of fifteen (15) are not allowed in the Fitness Center. Children between the ages of fifteen (15) and eighteen (18) must be accompanied by an adult.
9. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
10. Please report faulty or damaged equipment to a staff member immediately.
11. No swimsuits.
12. Destruction of Palm Bay Club property will not be tolerated. The guilty party will be financially responsible for any damage and may be subject to the termination of rental agreement. 


1. No Recreational Vehicles, Golf Carts (unless the golf cart is your one vehicle), Motorcycles, Scooters, Electric Bicycles, Commercial Vehicles or Trailers of any kind are permitted.
2. All rental guests and visitors must stop at the Front Desk, register their vehicles, and receive a parking pass. The Palm Bay Club is a tow away property and all non-registered vehicles are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.
3. Guests shall park in non-reserved spaces. Rental guests are limited to a maximum of one automobile per unit. Additional guests may park in front of the administration building but will still need to get a temporary parking permit from the front desk. Additional parking is only permitted if we are at a lower occupancy and able to make the accommodation. The Palm Bay Club reserves the right to further restrict visitor parking during peak season. 
4. Handicap parking will be by official handicap sticker only.
5. Individuals inappropriately parked may be towed at the owner's expense.
6. Commercial vehicles or work vehicles are not permitted; commercial vehicles on service calls must park in the service area only.
7. Parking on the grass is not permitted.
8. Owners and guests may not park in loading zones unless loading or unloading an attended vehicle.
9. No skateboarding or rollerblading on the property. 


The Palm Bay Club Beach Front & Pool Facilities are restricted to owners, paying guests and their visitors. There are no lifeguards on duty at the beach at any time. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK!

1. Tents and cabanas are not allowed to be constructed between the signs and the beach water. They must stay in the designated area, which is behind the stated signs.
2. No glass bottles or other glass containers allowed on beach.
3. Chairs and lounges cannot be reserved. Towels left on unused chairs or lounges for one hour or more will be removed. Additionally, you will not be permitted to reserve chairs for multiple families. You will only be permitted to take one chair for each of the guests registered to your unit.
4. You are not permitted to grill or make a fire on the beach. You may only BBQ at the designated grill and after making a reservation with the front office. You must make a reservation to use the grill.
5. Lounges and chairs are not allowed in the water.
6. Activities which interfere with the comfort of others will not be allowed. Loud radios and music disturbing other vacationers will not be tolerated. Paddle ball, frisbees, kite flying, or any other activity which endangers other guests will not be allowed.
7. The shower and foot washing facilities are not to be used by children for playing.
8. Please rinse the sand off to minimize the amount of sand tracked into the units.
9. The beach cabanas, picnic tables and grills may be reserved by owners and paying guests. One day's notice is requested. Please clean up and dispose of trash when finished. Signs may be posted indicating times of use. 
10. Digging holes more than a foot deep in the sand is not permitted on our beach.

Turtle Season

Turtle Season starts May 1 and ends October 31. Please help support the Palm Bay Club efforts towards being a turtle-friendly establishment by complying with County & State Law Ordinance #97-082:

1. Close drapes after dark when interior lights are in use.
2. Remove beach furniture and trash at night so it does not hinder migration to and from the water. Any objects left on the beach will be removed & disposed once the sun has set.
3. All beach chairs will be removed from the beach prior to sunset.
4. Fill in holes that may entrap hatchlings on their way to the water and knock down sandcastles.
5. Never approach nesting turtles or pick up hatchlings. If you find an unmarked nest, contact the Front Desk and we will contact the County.
6. Only use flashlights to enter and exit the beach.
7. Do not disturb turtle nests in any way. You will be prosecuted. 

Jacuzzi / Spa

1. No food or beverages in the jacuzzi or pool wet deck area.
2. No animals allowed.
3. No glass in the spa or pool fenced area.
4. Bathing load: nineteen (19) persons.
5. Spa Hours: 8am – 11pm.
6. Shower before entering.
7. Maximum water temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
8. Children under the age of twelve (12) must have adult supervision.
9. Pregnant women, small children, people with health problems and people using alcohol, narcotics or other drugs that cause drowsiness should not use the jacuzzi/spa without first consulting a doctor.
10. Current health recommendations limit the use of the Jacuzzi to no more than 15 minutes in any 2-hour period.


Swimming Pools

1. No food or beverage in the pool or wet deck area.
2. No animals allowed.
3. No glass in the pool or pool fenced area.
4. Bathing Load for the Gulf Side Pool is fifty-six (56) persons.
5. Bathing Load for the Bay Side Pool is nineteen (19) persons.
6. Pool Hours for the Gulf Side Pool are 8am to Dusk.
7. Pool Hours for the Bay Side Pool are 8am to 11pm.
8. Shower before entering either pool. (This is in consideration of others and to comply with the following regulations formulated for resident protection: comfort, personal hygiene, safety and the prevention of added repair and maintenance costs).
9. Proper swimwear is required in and around pools.
10. No horseplay. Shouting and running around the pool areas is prohibited.
11. No diving at any time.
12. No eating or drinking in the pool.
13. Children eighteen (18) and under must be accompanied by an adult.
14. Visitors are allowed if accompanied by owners or paying guests and if wearing the security bracelet issued by the front desk.
15. All music must be kept at a reasonable volume so others will not be disturbed. 
16. Reserving pool lounge chairs with towels is prohibited and towels will be removed.


Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Tennis and Pickleball courts will be open from 8am until 11pm for owners, rental guests, and their guests.

The courts will be open from 8am until desk during Turtle Season (May 1 – October 31).
1. All players must register on the schedule posted in the hallway behind the Fitness Center. 
2. One hour time limit per unit per day.
3. Tennis and pickleball court lights are for tennis and pickleball only.
4. No bare feet, street shoes, thongs or black soled shoes allowed. Only athletic shoes appropriate for tennis must be worn. This is for your own safety.
5. No spectators inside fence.
6. No smoking on tennis and pickleball courts.
7. Inappropriate behavior may result in the offending person being requested to leave.
8. Players not showing within 15 minutes of sign-up time forfeit courts to other parties on the court.

Barbecue Grills

There are three (3) grill areas on property; one (1) on the bayside pool deck, one (1) at the beach, and one (1) in between the Club buildings (buildings 5962 and 5964). All grills are charcoal. The guest must provide their own charcoal. Grill brushes are provided for cleaning. Grill sign-ups for the beach and Bayside are located at the Front Desk. You are allowed two-hour increments, per unit, per day. You may sign up one (1) day in advance. The smaller charcoal grill located between the club buildings is first come, first serve.  No personal grills can be used on property.


Laundry rooms are located throughout the property for guest use. The washers and dryers are operated by a QR code with an app from your cell phone. The QR codes are located in each laundry room on a poster throughout the property. Detergent and dryer sheets are available for a fee. These items can be purchased at the vending machines found in the hallway behind the fitness center.

Location of Washer & Dryers
Tower (building 5966): On every floor in the utility room
Clubs (buildings 5962, 5964, 5968 and 5970): First floor behind the elevators
Bayside (buildings 5961 and 5963): In building 5961 the laundry area is located on floors 1 and 3 behind the elevator. In building 5963 the laundry area is located on every floor behind the elevator.


Trash Chutes

Tower: Located behind the door in the utility rooms on floors 2-11
Clubs: Located on the 2nd & 3rd floors near the elevators
Bayside: Located on the 2nd & 3rd floors to the left of the elevators behind the door labeled “Trash”
*first floors do not have a trash chute. Trash can be put directly in the dumpsters located in the trash rooms.*
Recycling: We recycle. Please use the blue recycling bins located around the property.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Each individual unit has its own, secured Wireless Internet. All routers have been set up with a name of “PalmBay####.”  The password is PALMBAY#### and can be located on the plaque on the refrigerator, or on the back of the front door to the unit. The password should be entered with all capital letters and no spaces. Please do not unplug or reset any router in the units. Resetting the routers will automatically default to their factory settings.

Bike Racks

Bike Racks are available throughout the property for guest use at no additional charge.  Bike Racks are located at the Tower, Clubs, and Bayside areas.  Guest would need to supply their own lock to security the bike to the rack.  Please note: Bikes are not permitted to be locked up to anything other than the rack.  DO NOT lock bikes to trees, stairwells, or any property gates.  

Spring Break

We have a strict curfew at 10:00pm for groups of teens without adults.

1. No groups of ten or more gathering after 10pm.
2. No music after 10pm.
3. No teen friends invited on Palm Bay Club property after 10pm and ever without proper wristband identification from the Front Office. 
4. We have 24-hour Security, after office closes please call (941)349-1911 after 5:00 pm. 



1. No owner or guest shall direct or reprimand any employee of The Palm Bay Club or any tradesman working under the direction of the General Manager.
2. Criticism of The Palm Bay Club employee's work or conduct should be reported to the General Manager in writing.
3. Palm Bay Club employees are not permitted to perform personal services during regular duty hours. All work will be assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor. 

Final Statement

Observance of these Rules and Regulations often require the matter of HONOR among the owners and guests of this community. They are provided in the interest of enjoyment, health, and safety of everyone residing at or visiting Palm Bay Club.  If this should fail, then a strict method of enforcement will need to be adopted.  It is necessary at times for maintenance to close certain amenities or from time-to-time pools, spa, appliances, air conditioning, etc. may need repair.  We do not adjust rental fees or compensate for these occurrences.  We do our best to fix, correct, or move accommodations based on availability and at times must be flexible to outside contractors' schedules.  

Complements, suggestions and recommendations can be submitted in writing to the Palm Bay Club General Manager

Adopted January 2019 and updated February 4, 2022.